Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries

Recent Article about importance of your credit when trying to get a new job!!

Carlos Samaniego

August 7, 2009

Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries

By07credit_600 JONATHAN D. GLATER

Digging out of debt keeps getting
harder for the unemployed as more companies use detailed credit checksĀ  to screen job prospects.

Out of work since December, Juan Ochoa was delighted when a staffing
firm recently responded to his posting on with an opening
for a data entry clerk. Before he could do much more, though, the firm
checked his credit history.

The interest vanished. There were too many collections claims against him, the firm said.

Oscar saves his home!

As many of you know I conduct workshops and bootcamps on regular basis here in the Inland Empire, and throughout the country. Normally, at my my workshops, I give all my clients free 20 minute consultation.

Couple days, ago, I get a phone call from someone name Oscar (to protect his identity, I just give his first name). Oscar was getting ready to call a loan modification company, that was going to charge him “ton” of money.

After speaking with Oscar, and giving him some strategies on the phone.

I get this unsolicited email:

This email made my day.

Carlos Samaniego

from: Oscar J

to: Carlos Samaniego

date:Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 9:20 AM

Good Morning Carlos,
Thanks for taking the time to take my phone call on Monday. You gave them the knowledge and realistic advise I needed to call my Mortgage service company (Chase). During my call with Chase
I was honest and upfront with my current financial situation, surprisingly they were helpful and understanding. They recognized times were tough for many people and understood I wanted to keep my house. They took all my financial information and pre-approved me for a payment $1100.00 lower than what I was paying. They will send me a packet in the mail within the next couple of days so I can send copies of my 08 taxes, pay check stubs, etc. Once all the paperwork is
gathered, they will send it on to the investor for final approval. If all goes well, my new payment will be $2,747.00 including prop taxes and insurance. My old payment including prop tax and ins was $3,859.00. Since I was 2 months behind on my mortgage payment they will re-work the amount due in to my new/revised loan and set me on a payment plant beginning the 1st of august. I was told to make sure I make my payment on time, for the first 3 months. If I didn’t make my
payment on time, I would be disqualified from the Homeownership Preservation modification.

I want to thank you again for your time, and your advise on hiring a Load modification company, you don’t need to pay anyone to do this. In my case it took knowledge to sit down and call.

Thanks again Carlos.

Tight Mortgage Standards Making it harder to get loans!

This morning I was preparing for my next “Credit/1st Time Home Buyer Worksho” at the City of Ontario on Thursday, I came upon this great article in the New York Times about what I have been experiencing for last 6 months. Banks are just making it harder and harder to qualify for loan, even with good credit.

Right now is important time to work with your Credit or Real Estate consultant to make sure your financial aspects are in line to not only qualify for loan but to see what are the most recent guidelines to get a new mortgage loan.

You can read this great article by Daid Streitfeld at NY times at::

If you like a free consultation feel free to contact me personally at my direct line at

Your Credit Coach
Carlos Samaniego

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