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Are you involved in Sales? Did you know Tom Hopkins not only recommends all sales professionals use SendOutCards
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Carlos Samaniego
Senior Manager and Senior Certified Trainer

Are you still paying $3 to $5 for greeting card?

Did you know you can now only pay about $1 for completely customized card and never leave your home to send the card?

Try it out for yourself, send a card for free just head on over to http://SendOutCards.com/bella

If you decide to send your cards this way, NO COST to get started whatsoever, just pay for the cards you send!

Now let me ask another question, would you be interested in earning an extra paycheck every month? How about 5  extra paychecks a month?

My wife and I have been making extra paycheck every month for almost 4 years now.

You may want to help spread the word about SendOutCards to other’s and get paid to do that.

As you consider your options with SendOutCards and starting a greeting card business of your own, you might find these insights revealing from two former Hallmark card store owners who have now joined our company.

A few key things:

Opportunity — they were looking for a solid opportunity to secure additional income and their future

The Recession wasn’t affecting the card business

E-Cards are NOT affecting the card business at all

SendOutCards Basic Training and Certified Training in Yucaipa/Redlands Area

Come learn the attend Basic Training and Certified Training for the SendOutCards System.

Senior Certified Trainers and Senior Managers Carlos and Elizabeth Samaniego will show you
how to use the SendOutCards system and train you from A to Z.

Location will be at: Unity of Yucaipa -35393 Avenue East  Yucaipa, CA 92399

Time: We will start at 1:10pm sharp.

Bring your laptops, I have your training manuals.

Please let us know your coming via email Carlos @CarlosSamaniego or phone (909)570-1103

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Carlos Samaniego

(909) 797-2090
Event ID: 3655
Event Name: Yucaipa CT Training
Event Date: Apr 12, 2012 1:10:00 PM
Event Organizer: Carlos & Elizabeth Samaniego