Who is Looking at Your Credit Report?

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted.

LandonSince then Miami Heat won the
Finals and Shaq got another
championship and the US get’s
booted from World Cup.
We are all proud of our hometown
player, Landon Donovan from Redlands.
Wait till next year 🙂

So this week credit tip, is about who is looking at your
credit and how this looks are hurting your score!!

Carlos’s Credit Savvy Tip #7:
Keep mortgage inquires to a 2 week period

      Ten percent of your credit score is based on
a record of how many times your report has been
viewed by a third party in the past year. That being
said, Fair Isaac knows you will need to rate shop
when looking for a new mortgage or auto-loan.
In order to compensate for that, once a year, the
Fair Isaac credit score allows you to have your credit
pulled unlimited times in a two week period while
shopping for a car or home and count the period as
only one inquiry. So when every point matters, make
sure that you are able to do your car or mortgage
shopping in a two week period.

I hope that helps in your quest for the the
"Davinci Credit Secret" Don’t forget tomorow night
our workshop here in Redlands for more details visit www.RedlandsCreditWorkshop.com

Today pictures are from my cousins wedding in San Diego,
it’s pictures of my sisters and brother with their spouses,
finances, and girlfriends.

Juliemike My oldest sister with her husband Mike.


My middles sister Ruth with her fiance, Shuane

Sambrynwedding My younder brother Sam with his girlfriend, Brynn

Your friend,

Carlos Samaniego

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