What does King Kong, American Idol, The Grammy’s!

What does King Kong, American Idol, and the The Grammy’s all have in common?

Well, at 8:30pm this evening my wife and I are sitting in front of TV trying to watch the Grammy’s and American Idol, it’s great having TIVO!

It’s funny, because I had never watched Amerian Idol until last year and really do enjoy it.

OK, back to King Kong!

Well in my last blog I had asked why in Kong behind us. Well while on our honeymoon back in December we happen to walk to Time Square and came across the "King Kong premier", where we got to see all the star’s including Jack Black! It was a first for us! But it was a very cold first, we waited over 2 hours for the Press Conference to start and it was about 20 degrees outside!

I have included a few pictures of our honeymoon in New York, The Eastern Caribbean, and the Queen Mary 2. I hope you enjoy them

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego

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  1. BURRRRRRR. Two hours in 20 degrees!!! Guess it was worth it for you… at least it makes for a good story – which I enjoyed!
    Kevin Enos

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