Speaking to City of San Bernardino About Tax Implications of Affortable Care Act/Covered CAlifornia

Yesterday, I attended an event by Covered California where some top officials flew in from Sacramento to have a discussion about Covered Califo10402937_1531182990480939_6076562254069810799_nrnia and current updates, concerns, tips for the last month of open enrollment.

It really bothered me when they mention there was over 700 registered agents in the area that was notified about this event, and only about 50 actually showed up. How are you supposed to give your clients the best possible help if you do not really understand what is happening.

I learned so much in this 3 hour session it should have been mandatory for all agents, there was a lot of valuable insights, tips, and recommendation we learned.

I  spent quite a bit of time speaking with the Director of Sales for Covered California, Kirk Whelan.

The highlight, was when I was honored to be asked to give my insights on the tax implications this year with IRS and Affordable Care Act.

I have a unique insight being a licensed tax preparer and Certified Covered California Insurance Agent.

After the event, I was invited by the City of San Bernardino Employment & Training Agency, to speak and educate up to 30 of their field staff and Certified Enrollment Counselors for Covered California, to discuss what to they can expect this tax season, to discuss the 1095 forms that consumer will start getting any day, and to discuss more about tax implications, tax penalties, and subsidies.

Looking forward to speaking at this event. If you have any questions about how ACA could affect your taxes gives us a call 909-570-1103

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