“SendOutCards is Goldmine” Richard Brooke

Just got back from the 2012 SendOutCards convention in Las Vegas and one of the highlights for me was talking to Richard Brooke, who the last time I had met him was back in early
1990’s at the Upline Mastermind Event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Here are just a few of the notes taken by Richard Brooke speech that night.

Richard Brooke said, “You are sitting on a goldmine with SendOutCards!”.

He sat down with 3 of our SM’s at the Skybar at Mandarin Oriental. He was asked, “What does it take to Blow it Up”?

He told them:

“If you’ll sponsor 100-150 people in the next 2 years (50-75 per year) and then let time take its course you’ll have a huge SOC income. Because we’re in Vegas, I’ll bet you $1000 that you won’t do it. If you do it, I’ll pay you $1000. If you don’t do it, you pay me $1000!!”

He later explained on Facebook in more detail:  that if one did personally sponsor 75 a year for two years that within 4-5 years they ought to have a $100k a month business making the business worth $20M and each of the 150 you sponsor worth $133,333,333 in asset value.

Even if you stepped all over yourself with lousy leadership and only earned $10k a month each of them is worth $13,000 making each of the “invites” ( one new md out of ten invites) worth $1,300. Reframing….if SOC paid you $1,300 for everyone you invited to look at the program but you had to invite 2 a day or your were OUT, how many would you could you invite?

The End

Here are the reasons why Richard believes that SendOutCards is the next
Billion $$$ Giant:

1. SendOutCards was founded on a vision of love.

2. SendOutCards has a visionary and committed leader whose actions match his story.

3. SendOutCards is a company over the hump, in the clear with nothing but upside. Most companies don’t survive their first 5 years.

4. SendOutCards has a product that makes everyone feel their deepest positive emotions just thinking about it.

5. SendOutCards has a comp plan that has proven to produce run rates of a billion dollars a year or more.

6. SendOutCards has the finest field leadership that any company owner could ever hope for.

7. The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge – “The Best Viral Idea in Decades”.

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