SendOutCards Corporate Updates 2

Here is another round of annoucements from our 2012 Convention:


Handwriting Font Full Package (Handwriting and 4 signatures) is now just $25!!
1. Print form from downloads (you need a color printer).
2. Purchase Font from “Purchase Products” on the left side of your MAIN MENU.
3. Complete form and mail flat to the address on the form.

Signatures $5 each!!
(Follow same process as above!)

PROJECTS IN QUE (Soon to come)

1. International Expansion
2. Premium Paper Cards (Invitations/Announcments)
3. Multiple gifts with one card
4. Mobile Device Apps (ability to send gift cards and gifts right from your phone, droid or i-pad! And ability to load photos from Facebook or Instagram!!)
5. Tighter integration with Social Networks
6. Third Party contact assimilation


1. Hard customizable i-pad cases!! ($29.99)
2. Soft customizable i-pad cases (leather)
3. Premium i-phone case (rubber with interchangeable photo blades!)
4. Customizable mousepads!
5. Customizable address labels!


New Product Announcement that will:

1. Have business owners begging to sign up
2. Produce hundreds of customers overnight
3. Assist you in upgrading business owners to distributors
4. Dramatically increase residuals

Pre-written campaigns for Professionals
Super High Quality
No Marketing – All Gratitude

Realtors/Insurance Agents/Dentists/Accountants/Attorneys/Carpet Cleaners and more
Generic – 12-card follow up campaigns for SOC Distributors

Retail Recruiting Campaigns
Upgrade Retail to Distributor Campaigns

a. Separate Website
b. All Functionality
c. $0.49 a point
d. If you are ‘Q’ Qualified you will receive a full 30% commission
e. Volume paid

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