"Three things I always look for in my friends: Honor, Honorable, Hunger. I've know Carlos for nearly 20 years now, and he's always displayed strong character, always displayed an eagerness to learn and consistently demonstrated a hunger to do better, to reach for greatness."
Art Jonak, CEO  –

"Carlos Samaniego was of the first people who was trained by my team and go through our CreditCRM Certification program back in March of 2008. I personally know Carlos and had him speak in front of hundreds of other Credit Experts at my seminar. You can’t go wrong with hiring Carlos or his team. He is one of the best in the country.” 
– Edward Jamison, Credit Attorney

 "Carlos Samaniego is a pro and delivers the information and techniques that people want, and makes it fun.
Why not have a great time learning."
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Author, International Speaker

"Carlos is the person you need to speak to improve your credit scores after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short-sale. His team truly cares about getting your credit back on the right track."
Michael Mack, Debt Attorney

"Carlos is awesome! He is the first person on stage that I felt really cared about me and my business. His genuine down to earth approach and outstanding information was the perfect combination to get me to listen, and feel like I could do it and take action."
Luke Harlan, CEO –

"I am proud to have the opportunity to work with Carlos. He is extraordinary individual, great communicator and presenter. He coaches people to empower them to reach their full potential. Carlos says, …' our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life bring to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.
A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts event and outcomes." He is an amazing individual.
– Sandra Amelino, DTM, District 12 Governor Toastmasters International

" I first heard Carlos Samaniego speak in 2005 to over 104+ loan officers in Chicago. From that short one hour presentation, I scribbled over seven full pages of notes and felt like I drank from a fire-hose!. I immediately know I had to work with him and his team. He has my full and undiluted recommendation as a 'no-nonses' and real-world speaker, as a coach with a
​passion for teaching, and mentor with a heart for helping families."
James Lee, C0-Founder of The Business of Show Institute, LLC


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