Our Scout Family

This is a weekend I will remember there rest of my life. It gave me a deeper meaning of the word "FAMILY." Many us when we here the words family we naturally think of our parents, our kids, brothers, sisters, extended family like cousins, in-laws, you name it. 

However, this weekend I found out what it means to have '"family" from our own Boy Scout Troop 11. On Saturday, Liz, Andrew and I attended the funeral services of an Eagle Scout and former Senior Patrol leader of Troop 11, Nicholas Chase Bornholdt. Although I only met Nicholas once many years ago briefly. I am a friend of his father and former Scoutmaster Paul Foster. Paul has been a continued friend and supporter to scouting and to this day still attends scouting events.

Paul has helped my son, Andrew, become a better young man.

On Saturday, we all came to celebrate the life of our brother, our son, our scout, our family. To see the amount of "family" that came to show support and love to this family was truly humbling.

Our blessings and love to Paul and Julie.

Here are some beautiful words on Comfort that I hope comes to all of us that celebrated the life

We cannot be where God is not. God is in the darkness and the light; at the peak of the highest mountain and in the deepest cave; in the raging storm and the gentle breeze.


I may think I am separate from God—but in Truth, God is here with me. With a thought, a prayer, or the awakening of my heart, I become aware of the loving presence of Spirit. In this very moment, I am comforted as peace washes over me. I am enfolded in divine, unconditional love, safe, and protected.

When I am ready, I will consider what is next; but for now, I rest in the Presence.


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