“Met my Dad at 41 years old….”

Written by Carlos Samaniego

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Yesterday, was a very special Fathers Day for me and a very unique story.

Not only did I get to deliver a very special Fathers Day Sermon at Unity of Yucaipa, my wife, Liz, was the Platform assistant and singing in the Choir. My son Andrew did the blessing of the church and my daughter Bella help passed out the program for the day, so it was truly family event.

My mom Angie got to hear me to do my first Sermon at church which was special.

But later that afternoon the father I never knew and met through Ancestry.com/Facebook just over a year ago. We got to spend our very 1st Fathers Day together.

I am lucky to have been blessed with two Dads, George Samaniego and Juan Orona.

It truly a blessed day for our entire family.


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