Loan Modification Companies Do Not Work

I have been getting once call after another, “Carlos, I need to get a loan modification, should I use company X? How about a Forensic Audit?”

I was seeing loan modifications work on a about 12-18 months ago, however, it is more a rarity, now days! Instead it seems like everyone is doing loan modifications for the consumer, but very few are getting done!

If you cannot, afford your monthly mortgage or know you will not be able to afford it soon here is the Step-by-Step action I would take if it was my mom!

1. CALL YOUR LENDER and let them know what is going on, believe it or not they will help if they can!

2. Once you call your lender then step 2, sit down with your family and have a heart-to-heart conversation, can we really afford this house? Is this the house we plan on living in for long term(do you need to upgrade, downsize, bad neighborhood). I know this is difficult conversation,  but you must have it. I had same conversation with my family.

3. If you want to keep your property, call your local HUD counselor 1-800-995-HOPE, they will help you do loan modification for free, if you qualify for loan modifications. Visit the

4. If you are behind on your mortgage complete above steps as well, also contact your family attorney that specializes in real estate. You need to understand a foreclosure is basically a lawsuit against you, you will be getting mountain full of legal documents from your lender, title company, foreclosure trustee, you want an expert to help you with this paperwork.  If you do not have family attorney, or funds to hire law firm, consider getting a PrePaidLegal Membership for as little as $26 a month you can start speaking to a real estate attorney who will help you understand everything that is going on and look over your documentation. Best of all he is not trying to earn $1000’s of dollars from you….

To get a PrePaid Legal membership go to Click her PrePaidLegal Membership or Call Liz she can explain (909)510-6410

5. If you feel you cannot stay in your home, or do not want to stay in your home, hire a Professional Real Estate Agent that specializes in Short Selling or Foreclosures, trust me you do not want the wrong one, Call me (909)742-9699 or email me for my personal recommendation.

I hope this helps you,

Carlos Samaniego

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