Why Did Liz Slap Me For Using FaceBook?

Well, that is not the whole truth. However, I did ask her if he would slap me if she caught me checking Facebook.

Now why in the world do I want to get slapped every time I use Facebook. No I am not into any weird Taboo thing.

But after reading Best Selling Author Tim Ferris, tweet recently.

“Man Increases Productivity 98% by Hiring Someone to Slap Him in the Face Every Time He Uses Facebook: http://yhoo.it/R5qY3o”

I started realizing I have this “addiction” of having to login to Facebook more than a few times a day just to “see” what is going on in Facebook land.

Now I know that I am not only the only one that has this problem.

I have noticed a growing problem.

If your posting more than once a day on Facebook or logging into Facebook just to see what is going on, I think you may have to look into your “addiction.”

How offend do you tend to accidentally “stumble” onto to Facebook to see “what’s going on.” Let me tell you this its affecting how much work I am getting done.

The problem with working on the computer almost all day it’s just way to easy to do. It would be the equivalent of working in office and getting up every few minutes to head over to the “water cooler” to see what everyone is talking about, it’s insane.

But I have decided to do something about this Facebook addiction that most everyone that uses it has, I have installed a Facebook blocker on my computer! I love to use Chrome Browser they have a great app, called Stay Focus.

Here is website with a few tools to help you stay more productive:

So I no longer have access to Facebook on my personal computer. I have to get up and go use another computer to “check” in, I think that is now a good thing. Time to get some work done!

Do you use Facebook to much? Are you willing to join me increasing your productivity?


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