I Am Guilty!

Written by Carlos Samaniego

Topics: Credit Issues

I got another phone call this morning and it’s true.  I am guilty!

A mortgage banker asked me if I was the same guy that spoke in Dallas, Texas to over 450+ bankers, brokers, mortgage officers, loan officers, and finanical professionals back in December.

He said didn’t you just get married that weekend. It was actually the weekend before that event that I had gotten married.  Yes I am completely "guilty" of leaving my new bride 2 days after the wedding to speak at the Brian Sacks (www.loanofficersuccess.com), "Insider Seminar" for loan & financial professionals.

Brian Sacks is a friend and coach to me and he asked me almost a year before my wedding, If I would be willing to share my insider secrets that I had learned how to help homeowners in trouble save their home from foreclosures and deal with other credit challenges they may have.

Dallas_event It was an honor to speak to all these professionals and to teach them how to save homeowners from foreclosure, bankruptcies, and dealing with other credit issues they may have had.

My wife was very understanding about me leaving for a few days.  We did get to enjoy an entire 3 weeks on our honeymoon. I will share pictures of our honeymoon later, and see, Why King Kong joined us in New York!

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