I am better man because of my wife!

Today I am celebrating seven years of marriage to my amazing wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Samaniego
Wedding Day November 26, 2005

I am amazed how time fly’s it seem like only yesterday when awoke on beautiful November day in Newport Beach California and knowing that I would be waiting for my soon-to-be wife would be walking the isle to say, “I Do.”

Everyday I spend with my wife has been amazing.

After seven years of marriage , my perfect day is still being with my wife enjoying a glass of wine and just laughing and talking.

The last few year we have grown so much spiritually and have become so grateful for the beauty in life.

I once remember reading the #1 reason for being married because marriage makes you a better man.

Today I am a better man because I married a insightful, honest, beautiful, and caring woman.

Elizabeth bring out the best in me. She challenges me to be better, she encourages me, she loves me, she cares for our family.

Thank you Elizabeth for being you.

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