How my blood pressure drops 30 Points in 15 minutes

 One of the most important things to check as you age is your blood pressure.

A couple weeks ago I had a physcial and the doctor told me he wanted me to monitor my blood pressure for a month and report back.

I’ve been averaging in the 135/88 range and little lower in the morning.

The other day I was just having stressful day, and decided to take my blood pressure, the reading said, 153/100.

That is a very high blood pressure, I never had that high a blood pressure reading.

OK. What should I do?

Call the doctor? Take a aspirin?

How about Mediation?


That’s right. Why not try mediation?

I been taking the 21-Day Meditation Challenge with Depok Chopra, and had finished day 7 few days ago and I have even heard Doctors are now recommending mediation to lower blood pressure, stress, better sleeping, and many other health challenges.

So I went into my room.

I put my “Silence Please. I am Meditating” sign on the door.

Then I proceeded for next  15 minutes to meditate.

Hey another 15 minute session can’t hurt.

I heard from my Trandental Meditation session, Liz and I attended, that meditation is helpful for blood pressure and stress and even recommended by the American Heart Association.

I took my BP after I finished my mediation.

I was shocked at the reading.

My blood pressure had drop to 123/78!

Over a 30 point drop in blood pressure in 30 minutes!

There is over 600 studies how mediation can help you take a look at this link:

If you like to take in the Free 21 -Day Mediation Challenge here is the link:

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