Happy 4th of July

Written by Carlos Samaniego

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Well today is the last day of this 4th of July week! I hope you enjoyed your time this week with your  family and friends.

Elizabeth and I spent 4th of July in San Diego at Humpreys at the Bay on Shelter Island! Humphreys

It was a room right on the bay, in fact we where both amazed that the barage  launching fireworks for that night in San Diego was about 150 yards away in the bay.

It was an amazing day, the temperature was so cool, compared to the 105 degree weather back home!

Familyon4th_2We spent the day around Downtown San Diego, and ate at this great brazillian steak house! The was a very interesting experience, one you must try!

We went back to Shelter Island where the parks started getting pack with people barbequing and enjoying the 4th. The fireworks started at 9pm and it was sight to be seen with the San Diego Skyline in the backround!

It was the 1st time that Liz and I went on weekday getaway and Bella’s very 1st hotel room stay. She was extremly happy and well behaved, although she may have woke up the hotel guest in the next room with her waking up at 2am and 4am to "eat".Lizbell4th

Bella2months Bella is really growing fast, and filling out :=) Look how beautiful she looks here, I know I gloating. But I have too! Bella and I took a very long walk along the bay, while mommy got to take a little well deserved  nap.

While walking along the bay, we came upon fisherman who had gotten up at 2am in morning and had caught a 45lb Tuna! I forgot to ask to take a picture of his Tuna, however I was surpised when I walked along side his boat to see the name of his boat!

It was a named I loved! It was a name that I try to live my life by, Here is the picture and the boat!


Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego
The Debt Coach

AndrewgraduationP.S. A few weeks ago I mention my 10 year old son, Andrew had graduated from 6th grade, at his award ceremony he was awarded 5 awards, including, honor student, honor role for all year, President Award, awarded by President Bush and the ultimate honor was on 2 students got the Principals award! 1 boy and 1 girl, and I am proud to say my Son Andrew got the award! Andrew we are so proud of you!

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