Gym Talk

Earlier today I was at the Power House Gym in Yucaipa with my wife, Liz working out after dropping off the kids for school. It had been a while since we had a chance to get to the gym.

As we where working out, listening to the music in background, listing to the grunting and growning of people working out hard and other people talking with each other.

I caught the conversations of two men working out next to us.

“My daughter sports team is practicing everyday, and we have games we travel to every weekend, man weekends are non-stop for us” said one gym dad to the other

“I know what you mean, it seems every weekend where busy as well. Now my daughter taking college exam this weekend, and her grades are pretty high, I hope she does good on that exam, because she will probably get some good scholarships.” Said the other gentleman.

What is funny to me is just 15-20 years ago, these are the type of guys I remember in the gym talking about what an amazing night at the night club and did you see that girl I hooked up with? She was amazing! Man I got drunk last night, I better remember what happen. It was usually about sex, girls, alcohol, having crazy time.

Wow, has the conversations have changed.

I guess I am guilty as charged as well, while doing some dumbbell curls. I was telling Liz, “I hope Andrew does well on his PSAT that he is taking in the morning and I hoped he study enough for his history test this morning.”

What have you noticed that has change? What is your conversations in the gym? I love to hear about it?


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