Free 72 Hour Emeregency Pack Giveaway!

Written by Carlos Samaniego

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As many of you know I have been training with CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team). One of the Large_67_4-person-full-lg_2 most important thing any family can do is have a 72 hour emergency pack ready in case of any disaster, emergency, anything.

Locally, we all know that we can have an earthquake at any given time!

Sometimes, it can be as simple as getting stuck in Cajon Pass because of huge traffic pile up. My sister Ruth and her husband where stuck in the pass for 18 hours during a fogg and care pileup!

The now know the importance of having an emergency pack.

We today at one of my favorite stores online the they are having a 4-person 72 hour Emergency Pack Giveaway..

Go there now and get yours

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego, CMPS

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