Deadline for January Payments…

Written by Carlos Samaniego

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Christmas is just a few days away and I know all of us are running around with a million things to do before Christmas.

However, if you recently got insurance through Covered California you need to remember to call your insurance company and make your first payment before, December 26th. If you want your coverage to begin January 1st.

Here is the phone numbers you need to make those payments:

Healthnet: 1-888-236-4490
BlueShield: 1-855-836-9705
Anthem Blue Cross: 1-855-634-3381

When you called the numbers above and just say: “..I am calling to make my 1st payment for my health insurance for coverage starting on January 9th.” Give them your name, address, and social security number and they can take your payment over the phone.”

Be prepared for busy phone numbers or challenges. Remember there are 1000’s of people trying to make payments. Just make sure you document your call or calls in case there are challenges.

If you where offered Medical – You do not need to do anything just wait for your package to come
in the mail.

I am here to help in anyway.

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego
909-570-1103 Direct Number
909-792-3302 Office

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