Daddy, What is a job?

"Daddy, what is a job?" Bella asked.

I almost found it funny when she asked me the question.

I asked her , "Why do you ask?"

She said that her friends in Kindergarten parent have to leave them on playground because they had to rush to their job's and we always stayed with her until the bell rings.

She asked, "Do you and mommy had jobs?" 

I said, "we do have jobs, but we work for ourselves, we where entrepreneurs."

I said, "Do you know when you help your mom with making the newsletters?That is part of her entrepreneur job creating newsletters for business."

She said, "I want to work for myself."

I told Bella, "Did you know that you are entrepreneurs. You have had a rock business, a lemonade business, a jewelry business."

I asked her, "so what do you want to do as an entrepreneur when you get bigger."

She said. "I am going to write books."

"I want to be an author/illustrator."

"Is that an entrepreneur too?"

"Yes Bella, that is an entrepreneur and I think you will make a great entrepreneur!"

So I told Bella, we will be updating her website, to show Bella and Author/Illustrator. 

Oh yeah, did you know her first book is almost done 😉

Keep a look out for that book.

Tomorrow I will share a true story about my friend Joe story with his daughter.

Your friend,

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