Credit Tips & More Hawaii Photos

Well, we are back home from a dream trip to Kauai. Today we need to get back to our Credit tip. Below is a great one from my firend Edward Jamison, Credit Attorney from Los Angeles. If you are intested in some of his services give me a call I will introduce you to him and his company.

I have also posted a few more pictures from Hawaii. Take a look at the photo album on the left.

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Credit Tip #10: Get rid of your charge-offs and liens
If being late on your account can kill your credit score, you can imagine how much your past charge-offs are hurting you. At Jamison Law Group, we believe in giving individuals the second change they deserve. Our system averages removal of 70% of negative items from a credit report, resulting in an average increase of 50 to 70 points than can save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Check out to learn more.

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