Credit Agencies Thinks Your Back In School!

Written by Carlos Samaniego

Topics: Credit Issues

What do you know the Fat Cat Credit Agencies Thinks Your back in School!

The three major credit reporting agencies has decided to come up with a more "uniform"  way to grade us!

Johnny did you get in "A" in math, little suzie is that a "D" in PE. You need to study more!!

Now our kids are going to ask us, "Mom" what’s your credit grade! A, B, C, D, F! Mommy you better pay your bills on time, or your going to your room!


Is this new law good, bad, indifferent, only time will tell!

Do you know your grade?

You have to download this Fox news article now below!

Download Credit_Agency_New_Scoring_System.pdf 

Your Credit Guy!

Carlos Samaniego

P.S. Here is a fun picture my mentor and his wife, Art and Ann, along with my wife and I, are cave tubing in Belize. Talk about alot of fun. What you don’t see is why I tried to be Tarzan and swung from tree into river!! That hurt!Belize

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  1. Jason Juliano says:

    I just pulled my credit last week and all three scores were very different from each other. There’s no rhyme or reason to why one score is higher than the other!
    I think this new change will be good for consumers. It sounds like the scoring will be much more fair because we all will be “graded” equally by the credit agencies.
    Batavia, NY

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