Chase, Wachovia, Citbank and others promised to move forward with Loan Modifications?

Written by Carlos Samaniego

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That is right if you have watched news on television Citibank and other mortgage lenders annouced they would start doing loan modifications (New Article).

However, because you must qualify for their programs you better be careful before moving forward with their loan modifications. Most have already said, that you have to be 90 days delinquent on your mortgage to qualify, which makes no sense to any of us.

Do not make the mistake to talk with lender and not have legal representation to deal with your loan modification or review the documentation before starting a loan modification or completing a loan modification.

Right now banks and government seem more confused than ever, there are some light and the end of the tunnel, see the video below. But now more than ever you need to keep a very close eye on our personal finances, your lender, more than ever.

Let the experts deal with your lenders they know what to say, how to say, what to show them, to get your best loan modification possible. If you like to have one of our attorney partners work with you please visit my website or call my direct line at (909)512-6418

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Carlos Samaniego, CMPS

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