Gratitude Challenge


What is the Challenge? Commit to sending a greeting card, everyday for the next 30 days, with a personalized heartfelt message to someone (different person every day) who has been a positive influence on you.

Why would I do this? The goal is to spread joy and a positive spirit around the world. It is important that we tell those around us how much they mean to us. We are trying to create a movement where we are grateful for all that we have rather than focus on what is wrong in our lives.

How do I do this? If you have a SendOutCard account, you know that you can easily accomplish this from your computer  and the physical card you create will be printed, stuffed, addressed, stamped and mailed for as little as $1.07, that includes postage, for a standard 2 panel card.

If you don’t have a SendOutCard account, got to http;// to see a short video or sign up.

Watch the video, then click the [Join Now] button and select the Preferred Customer account for $31/month. This will get you the lowest pricing for your cards.

The account is now active and gives you 100 points to send cards for the month. Standard two-panel cards are 2 points, so you could send 50 standard cards in the month.

We welcome your participation!

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