adfreak: Can you find the link between Richard Branson in a hot tub and home loans?

What does Richard Brason, Home Loans, and a Hot Tub have to do with Branson one another?

Read this interesting article below.

Link: adfreak: Can you find the link between Richard Branson in a hot tub and home loans?.

Can you find the link between Richard Branson in a hot tub and home loans? Note to Richard Branson: just because a marketing message is meant to be viral doesn’t mean that it has to have shoddy production values. This is not something we are saying out of the blue. Branson is branching out into home loans in Australia via this peculiar video which shows the billionaire in a hot tub, drinking champagne with two young, topless lovelies (one of whom we thought was destined to have a Tara Reid moment, but, thankfully, did not). But the sound of the hot tub effectively, well, drowns out the dialogue

What is the Secret?

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Where is your office, Carlos?

This morning, I had appointment with Glen Baker from Banning, California. He is building a new home on a lot he owns  there in Banning. I am getting him a "New Construction Loan". I told Glen, "come on down to my office."

He said, "Where’s your office?"

I opened up my new office in "Historic Downtown Redlands" in "The Cope Building". The Cope Building was built in in 1890. It is located at 19. E. Citrus Ave, Suite 208, Redlands, CA 92373.

It’s a gorgeous building. Our office is on 2nd floor, we have the original "pine floors’ that where restored Office_picture_3 and have 15 feet ceilings in office, with ornate carvings in the ceilings.

Elizabeth decorated the entire office with Mahagony wood desk’s, filing cabinets, palm trees, and plants.

Office_picture_1 We wanted enviroment the felt like you where coming to visit us in our home not a sterile office.

We look forward to having you in our officeOffice_picture_2.


Carlos Samaniego

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How To Attract Prosperity

I read this below today, I loved what it say’s, I thought you may like it too!!

How to Attract Prosperity –

(Classic book written in 1922 by Orisen Swett Marden)

Everything in man’s life, everything in God’s universe, is based upon principle-follows a divine law; and the law of prosperity and abundance is just as definite as the law of gravitation, just as unerring as the principles of mathematics. It is a mental law. Only by thinking abundance can you realize the abundant, prosperous life that is your birthright; in other words, according to your thought will be your life, your supply, or your lack. Your mental attitude will be flung back to you, every time, in kind. A poverty-stricken mental attitude will bring only poverty-stricken conditions to you.

We are the creatures of our convictions. We cannot get beyond what we believe we are; what we believe we have. Hence, if we think that we are never going to be strong or well like other people, or to be successful in our calling, we never will be.

If we are convinced that we will always be poor, we will be.

You can’t get away from poverty when you don’t expect to; when you don’t believe that you are going to.

Many of the people who are living in poverty today never really expect anything else. Their fixed belief that they can never become prosperous keeps them in poverty; that is, it keeps their minds negative, and the mind cannot create, cannot produce, in this condition. It is only the positive mind that can create prosperity; the negative mind is non-creative, non-productive; it can only tear down, inhibit, prevent the inflow of good things that we long for.

It is not so much what you do with your hands as what you do with your mind that counts. Everything that has been accomplished by the hand or brain of man had its birth in the mind. The universe itself is the creation of Divine Mind. A hard-working man who longs for prosperity, but is headed in the other direction mentally, who doesn’t believe he is going to be prosperous, is neutralizing his hard work by his negative, destructive thought.

Your friend, Carlos

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