Happy Belated Easter!

How you doing? Well it’s a couple days after Easter and I didnt get a chance to say, "Happy Easter". Brookeeasterhunting

I hope you had a great Easter Weekend? You know all weekend I was asking a whole bunch of people, "What is Easter to them?" I heard all kinds of different answers to the religeous answer to the, "It’s a day to party!"

I went to dictionary to see what the definitiion of easter and it says, "Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian year, observed in March, April, or May each year to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after his death by crucifixion (see Good Friday), which Christians believe happened at about this time of year around AD 30-33. ." This is a very good answer!

I asked myself myself what is Easter to me, and I came up with one word, "Family"

It is a time I get to be with my family all at the same time, and many of you know when you have a big family that can be hard sometimes.

This year I got to spend my very first Easter with my family, my new bride, Elizabeth and my son, Andrew along with both our our entire families.

We barbeque in my backyard, and enjoyed a beautiful spring day. All my brothers and sisters came Easterdinner2 except for one sisters that couldnt make it. My Mom and Dad both came, along with my father-in-law, Felix.

My Son and Nieces had a egg hunt and my dog, King followed them along finding a few of his egss too.

I have attached a few pictures from our Easter "Family" Celebration. I hope you enjoy them.

Your friend,
Carlos & Elizabeth

P.S. You men out there need to keep the romance alive at all times….I just celebrated an anniversary with Liz. Now you must be saying you only got married a few months ago? But she was just surprised when these flowers showed up at her work. It was our dating anniversary :=)


Coach Wins 2006 Marketer of The Year

My Coach Wins The 2006 Marketer of the Year!

That’s right I just got back from a six day trip to Chicago to attend the 2006 Kennedy Marketing Superconference!

While at the event I got to help my coach and friend Scott Tucker at a book signing at Barnes and Tuckerkennedycarlos_1 Noble with Dan Kennedy.

Then we attened the an unbelievable conference learning from some of the worlds best in marketing and got to network with some great people.

For me there where 3 major highlights of this event.

1. I got to finally meet Dan Kennedy personally, he was one of the top 10 people I  wanted to meet in my life!

2. I met and got to speak for about 10 minutes the CEO of 1-800-Flowers, that was a true honor.

Lastly, but the best part of this event is seeing my coach and mentor win the:

             2006 Kennedy Marketer of the Year Award!

Scott Tucker beat out hundreds of people that tried for the award, and
of those hundreds only 5 people got to present there marketing!Tuckertrophy_2

Great job Scott!!

Go over to the photo album and see the pictures from that event.

They only thing that bumed me out is Elizabeth couldn’t attend.

Your friend,


Andrew Samaniego Competes in Redlands Bicycle Classic!

That’s right my 9 year old son competed in the 26 Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic, representing of course your company, my company, Team Integrity Consulting!!

It was a beautiful crisp, Saturday morning here in Redlands, when my son Andrew along with our Dsc01320 family walked over to downtown Redlands (only 4 blocks away) for him to enter his very 1st Bicycle competion.

Of course, as the proud parents of my 9 year old, we screamed and cheared him on as he competed with about 18 other 9 year old boys!

Go on over to the the photo album on the left for pictures of the days event.

Your friend,

Carlos, Liz, & Andrew Samaniego

Jerry Springer and Snowy Chicago Day!

So what does a snowy Chicago Day and Jerry Springer have in common?

Well this last week I had to fly to Phonenix for 3 days with my good friend Ralph Morales to attend a 3-day mortgage conference. It was absolutley beautiful few days and within a few hours I was snow!!

Then on friday I flew Chicago.I had a 3 day conference where I met my coach Scott Tucker and 60+ other financial professionals.

Snowychicagoday_2It was a very cold and snowy Chicago. A few of us walked over to Starbucks to get some nice warm drinks, except for me I decided to get an "Ice Tea", here we are trying to get to the hotel.

The Mastermind event in Chicago was a complete success I learned a ton to better help my clients.

On sunday evening are entire group went to Cheese Cake Factory in the John  Hancock Center in Chicago and we had a surprise visitor. The one and only "Jerry Jerry_springer_2 Springer" we had a chance to take picture. It was an awesome suprise for all of us!

It was a great time in our favorite city! I will be back in Chicago in 3 weeks to attend Dan Kennedy Marketing Seminar.

Your friend,

Carlos & Elizabeth from Chicago!


What does King Kong, American Idol, The Grammy’s!

What does King Kong, American Idol, and the The Grammy’s all have in common?

Well, at 8:30pm this evening my wife and I are sitting in front of TV trying to watch the Grammy’s and American Idol, it’s great having TIVO!

It’s funny, because I had never watched Amerian Idol until last year and really do enjoy it.

OK, back to King Kong!

Well in my last blog I had asked why in Kong behind us. Well while on our honeymoon back in December we happen to walk to Time Square and came across the "King Kong premier", where we got to see all the star’s including Jack Black! It was a first for us! But it was a very cold first, we waited over 2 hours for the Press Conference to start and it was about 20 degrees outside!

I have included a few pictures of our honeymoon in New York, The Eastern Caribbean, and the Queen Mary 2. I hope you enjoy them

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego