The Eagle has Arrived United States Naval Academy Prep School


Today, Andrew "The Eagle" Samaniego, reported for duty at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School at the Naval Station in Newport, Rhode Island. To say how proud I am to seemy soon accomplished a goal he set out for himself over couple years ago it has been amazing.

As we took my son to the airport I had such mixed emotions. As a proud parents to his accomplishments to coming to realization he would no longer be part of my everyday day life like he has been for all these years.

My heart broke as his sister, Bella and my wife, said goodbye. 

The last time we all felt this way was when our beloved, "King" passed away.

But the sadness will pass and we will always be proud of, Andrew.



My son will be going to Naval Academy

My son received his "Big Fat Envelope" on Valentines day.  He will be attending the United States Naval Academy as part of class 2019 upon completion of prep program..

He received a letter from Dean of Admission that he will be part of United States Naval Academy Preparatory School for class of 2015. 

As a parent I cannot be any prouder for his accomplishment for the hard work he did the last 4 years trying to achieve this goal.

Summer Rush

It's been a busy few weeks with the end of school and beginning of summerall you parents probably totally understand where I am coming from in regards to time.

A couple weeks ago just before the end of the school. One of the big accomplishment we are proud of Andrew for was his final push to get straight A's for his Spring semester of his Junior yearHe wanted a 4.0.


Originally he didn't think it would happenand he did itHe pulled out the last week of school.

We then watched our daughter Bella graduate from Kindergarten and now is a 1st grader. It was the cutest thing watching them get their "magic hugs" from their school teacher that turned them into a 1st grader.

With the end schoolwe got Andrew off to the first of his many trips this summer. His first stop was The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar programHe left for Annapolis, Maryland on June 14 and spent 7 days experiencing life as a Midshipman. The goal of the program is for them to experience life as midshipman and to see if that would be a place they would like to attend school and become a Naval Officer after graduation.

We didn't get to communicate while they where at the Academy, but where able to see photos on Facebook. We got to see a couple of pictures of Andrew and they put up this great action shot of him running in formation:


Andrew Samaniego running in formation at the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar
Andrew Samaniego running in formation at the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar

Andrew loved the Naval Academy and said that is where he wants to go to collegehe knows it will be touch, but he is ready for the challenge.

Andrew got home on June 20th from Annapolis and then 8 hours later we got him to American Legion post in Redlands to take his 8 hour bus drive with 60+ other boys selected to American Legion Boy State Program. He will be there until the end of June.

Here are a few pictures we got before boarding the on the bus to Sacramento

Now it's time to let Andrew handle business

Now we will be spending some time helping Bella reach her goal of becoming an Author/Illustrator.

Oh yeah, you haven't heard she has been working on her first book for the over yearIt should happen later this year watch for details at I have a post on how Bella did on her test hikeWe did this hike to determine if she will be joining us on our 25+ mile in Yosemite National Park later this summerIt was truly amazing what she accomplished.

If you like to see what Andrew is upvisit him at

Until Next Time


Square Foot Gardening with my daughter Bella (video)

One of the biggest joy's of my life is teaching my kids Andrew and Bella how to Square foot garden. Last year was the first year we ever tried this style of gardening that we learned from Abraham Zamora a certified square foot garden expert.

This year as part of her girl scout badge, Bella wanted to have her own square foot garden. Here is a great video of her walking through the gardens.



Gym Talk

Earlier today I was at the Power House Gym in Yucaipa with my wife, Liz working out after dropping off the kids for school. It had been a while since we had a chance to get to the gym.

As we where working out, listening to the music in background, listing to the grunting and growning of people working out hard and other people talking with each other.

I caught the conversations of two men working out next to us.

“My daughter sports team is practicing everyday, and we have games we travel to every weekend, man weekends are non-stop for us” said one gym dad to the other

“I know what you mean, it seems every weekend where busy as well. Now my daughter taking college exam this weekend, and her grades are pretty high, I hope she does good on that exam, because she will probably get some good scholarships.” Said the other gentleman.

What is funny to me is just 15-20 years ago, these are the type of guys I remember in the gym talking about what an amazing night at the night club and did you see that girl I hooked up with? She was amazing! Man I got drunk last night, I better remember what happen. It was usually about sex, girls, alcohol, having crazy time.

Wow, has the conversations have changed.

I guess I am guilty as charged as well, while doing some dumbbell curls. I was telling Liz, “I hope Andrew does well on his PSAT that he is taking in the morning and I hoped he study enough for his history test this morning.”

What have you noticed that has change? What is your conversations in the gym? I love to hear about it?