Some struggling homeowners find way to dodge foreclosure

This morning I read a great article about how more and more homeowners are finally realizing that they don’t have to lose their home to forclosure, because of "Loan Modifications". Below is an article that was in this morning’s USA today, Money section.

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Some struggling homeowners find way to dodge foreclosure

At night, Margaret Jones would lie in bed, unable to sleep, her heart galloping.

time she came home, she feared the worst: a padlock on her door and a
sign declaring her home in
foreclosure. She was months behind on her
adjustable-rate mortgage, which she’d become unable to pay as the rate
climbed from 7% in 2004 to 12% this year. Her three-bedroom house, she
was told, would be auctioned on July 1.

blood pressure was through the roof," says Jones, 45, a nurse in North
Lauderdale, Fla. "I can see why some people commit suicide. You just
want it to go away."

But the worst never
happened. Rescued by a hardship loan and a mortgage-modification plan,
Jones managed to stave off foreclosure and save her house.

the number of homeowners facing or going through foreclosure has surged