I want to help you

My daughter Bella the other day asked me,

"Daddy what kind work do you do on computer?"

I told her, "I help people make money with their
computer." She said, "Oh, OK." 

Then she wandered off and ask her mom the 
same question.

That got me thinking about a problem so many
people have challenges earning money from home.

I want to see you succeed on the Net.

And, I'm tired of seeing good people throw away
their money on programs that don't work
as advertised.

I believe…if I help enough people get what
they want…I'll get what I want.

In order to provide you with the best possible
service, I am currently looking for few people
that are willing to be trained using my proven
marketing strategies.

I will spend my time showing you how to extra
income you have always wanted, right from home.

No hype, just fact.

You must be willing to be trained and stop
using methods that just eat away at your income.

If you have had enough of the insanity and really
want to succeed, then call me direct…
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Carlos Samaniego

How to create a profitable business online


I am getting ready to go on 8 mile training hike tomorrow
to  Manzanita Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains.

But I was thinking about those of you that are trying to build
a home business or online business.

A question we always ask, how to I build a profitable
online business?

You've tried, but haven't been successful yet..

It's not your fault, here's why.. and it's
probably not what you think.

IT'S NOT because you've been following
the wrong "guru"..

Or because you're not capable of making
it happen.


It's much more simple than that –
if you're willing to follow some
simple suggestions.

So, the question then becomes….

Do you want to continue wasting years of
your life and countless dollars on the
next best gimmick hoping that it works?

Or, are you FINALLY READY for a 'plug
and play' system that's so simple anyone can
do and will never require you to set-up, take
down or trouble shoot anything.

If the latter sounds attractive, you're probably
as much as an entrepreneur as the rest of the
Empower Network marketers.

You probably shouldn't be wasting your time
'setting things up' or trying to figure out mind
numbing technical issues.

You should be marketing.

You should be making money.

You should be networking.

Good News!

You can be.

And the choice is yours.

Isn't that nice?

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Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego

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being in control and actually owning your
business, because….

…..the money goes strait to you.

Isn't that refreshing?

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How To Create True Financial Freedom (Video)

I watched this amazing 6-minute video today and loved the message that Eric Worre gave today. It is a message we all need to hear. How to create true finanicail freedom with the income you are making, whether it comes from a MLM business, a part-time venture, or any business.

Learn how to create more choices and more freedom in your life!

Carlos Samaniego





Making money is a lot like scuba diving (Weird)

I know that's a weird concept.

How on EARTH could a home based business be ANYTHING
like scuba diving?

Well check it out:

If you were to pick up scuba diving and you went off the
coast of Florida, would you rather jump in and assume there
are no sharks in the area of your choosing…

Or would you rather have an experienced diver with you to
say "Yes… this is a safe diving area… I've dived here
many times before. Jump on in."

Or if he said "Heck no! This is a shark infested area!",
wouldn't you be glad you had him along?

Well, similarly, in the home business arena there are tons
of sharks out there. There are so many reasons why I'm doing
what I am… and there are so many reasons why I'm not doing
the hundreds of other things out there where you'll get
screwed and lose your money.

I know what I'm doing… I know what works.

And here it is – click here.

Set everything else aside and know that you're right here,
right now, because what I'm doing works.

Stop your searching… It's over.

I believe with this, you'll have everything you'll ever need
to earn real income online. Without selling or begging.

Jump on in. The water's warm… and there are no sharks
in the area.  😉

Carlos Samaniego