The Eagle has Arrived United States Naval Academy Prep School


Today, Andrew "The Eagle" Samaniego, reported for duty at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School at the Naval Station in Newport, Rhode Island. To say how proud I am to seemy soon accomplished a goal he set out for himself over couple years ago it has been amazing.

As we took my son to the airport I had such mixed emotions. As a proud parents to his accomplishments to coming to realization he would no longer be part of my everyday day life like he has been for all these years.

My heart broke as his sister, Bella and my wife, said goodbye. 

The last time we all felt this way was when our beloved, "King" passed away.

But the sadness will pass and we will always be proud of, Andrew.



Family in Oak Glen

My Dad, Juan Orona, came down from Washington to come to Andrews, graduation/birthday/going-away-party. We decided to go to Oak Glen which is right up the road from our home. Here the are at local sanctuary along with my nephew, Chris Orona.


Goodbye King

We as a family lost a family member yesterday. His name was "King." He was German Sheppard/Roti mix and was one of the most gentle dogs you could ever meet. Every person that met King, loved King. His death was unexpected. He woke up one morning with complete paralysis and stiffness of his entire body. The Vet told us the best for him was to put his to sleep. Our family was devastated he was with us for only 9 years. King I hope you are enjoying the meadows over the "Rainbow Bridge," and someday we shall be together again.

King Samaniego  2005-2014
King Samaniego 2005-2014
King Samaniego 2005-2014