Credit Agencies Thinks Your Back In School!

What do you know the Fat Cat Credit Agencies Thinks Your back in School!

The three major credit reporting agencies has decided to come up with a more "uniform"  way to grade us!

Johnny did you get in "A" in math, little suzie is that a "D" in PE. You need to study more!!

Now our kids are going to ask us, "Mom" what’s your credit grade! A, B, C, D, F! Mommy you better pay your bills on time, or your going to your room!


Is this new law good, bad, indifferent, only time will tell!

Do you know your grade?

You have to download this Fox news article now below!

Download Credit_Agency_New_Scoring_System.pdf 

Your Credit Guy!

Carlos Samaniego

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Credit Savvy Tip #3

How To Improve Your Credit Score!

      Have you ever looked at your credit report and seen balances that are inaccurate? This is because your credit cards may not be reporting your balance at a time of the month that is most advantageous to you. For instance, let us say your MasterCard reports to the credit agencies on the 15th of every month. Your bill is not due until the 21st. Even if you pay your bill on time, the credit agencies will think that you are carrying a balance higher than you really are! Call your credit card companies and find out when they are reporting your balance and pay your bill before that date. Doing so can boost your credit score and save you thousands of dollars in interest on a new loan.

The Credit Guy,Nystatue
Carlos Samaniego

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Identity Theft! Did Those Words Scare You?

You have heard about Identity non-stop on TV, radio, newspaper, friends, and family. Does it scare you? It should!

As of December 2005, according to federal statistics, The Inland Empire ranks 2nd in the nation for Identity Theft. Over 5,400 new cases where reported that was an increase of over 25%. This does not even include the cases that no one knows about.

Do you know if someone is using your credit card right now? How about using your social security number to work in another state? or maybe using your identity to get medical insurance? Are you sure no one has put a change of address for your mail?

Read the USA today article below and see some of the statics involved with ID Theft! If you are a business owner, you need to call me immediately to protect your business.

Download USAToday.pdf

Our office is going to do something about it. We are creating a "Identity Theft Resource Center" are first step is introducing are new Identity Theft Product you can watch a movie and read more about this growing crime?

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I will be out of my office next week from March 1 through March 6. I will be in Phoenix, Arizona andChicagoskilinecarlos_1  my favorite city Chicago.

Elizabeth and I are going to learn more tips and strategies to better help you in your credit,debt & Identity theft issues.

Your Credit Expert,

Carlos & Liz

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Carlos’s Credit Savvy Tip #2: Pay your balances down

Pay your balances down!

      30% of your credit score is made up by your debt ratio: the amount of debt you have as a percentage of what your credit limits are. If you are in the market for a large purchase, you should try to pay your balances down to as close to zero as possible. We understand that this is not always possible. With this in mind, we would like to let you know that the most noticeable benefit on your credit score takes place when your debt ratio is at 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%, or, naturally, 0%.

      When you do pay down your balances, make sure they are spread evenly. For example, if you have one card with a credit line of $10000 and one with a credit line of $1000 and you are carrying $5500 worth of debt you should have $5000 on the $10000 card and $500 on the $1000 cardLizcarloscruise4

Elizabeth and I, want to wish you a very,"Happy Valentines Day"

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Your friends,

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Super Bowl Sunday, King Kong, & Super Credit Tips!

Lizcarloskong_1It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Just finished the 1st Quarter, it’s been boring game so far, score is Steelers 0,  Seattle 3. I am going for the underdogs, Seattle.!

The FEDEX commercial has been the best so far!

I wanted to let you know I will be sharing with you "Insider Credit Secrets" on how you can dramatically improve your credit scores!

Below is tip #1

Credit Tip #1: Become an Authorized User

      If you have a friend or family with great credit, become an authorized user on their credit cards. The credit scoring formula looks at your credit as a snapshot in time, it has no memory. The credit scoring software does not know you did not have the card yesterday. If you become an authorized user on your parents American Express they have had since 1958, with no late payments and a low balance, your score will calculate like you have had an American Express for fifty years, with no late payments and a low balance. With this technique you can achieve a credit history, and the score that goes with it, which is older than you are. 

Your Credit Guy!

Carlos Samaniego

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