Andrew Samaniego Appointed To Yucaipa Youth Commission

Last week, my son Andrew Samaniego received a phone from the City of Yucaipa.

"We would like you to come to our City Council meeting on Monday and please wear your "Eagle Scout" Uniform." said the City Staff Member.

Although we where curious why the City wanted him to wear a boy scout uniform, as a scouting parent you are kinda used to having to attend many different functions where your son needs to wear a uniform.

Well, last night came around and we noticed a few other high school students at the City Council meeting.

A few minutes later, Mayor Hoyt of Yucaipa had announced the next item on the agenda was the appointment of the new Yucaipa Youth Commission members for the next  12 months for the City of Yucaipa.

Andrew was one of the students that had been appointed on the Yucaipa Youth Commission, to deal with and discuss youth issues with the City Council.

Is this the beginning of a bigger vision of his in serving in public office? 


I know his primary goal right now is to be accepted into the United States Naval Academy and becoming an officer in either the Navy or Marines. 

They world is oyster to accomplish whatever he decides to do. 

I am extremely proud of this young man and his motivation to accomplish his goals.



“A Proud Father!”

Andrew Samaniego Completes his Boy Scout Eagle Project

All week, I been working on this post trying to figure out how to put into words how proud I have felt about my son’s accomplishment this last weekend.

As many of you know, my son Andrew, has been involved in the boy scouts since February 11, 2009.

When my good friend, Eamonn McGloin, told me I should consider putting Andrew in Scouts I was interested, but not sure he would want to join.

We did join eventually and because of the welcoming nature of the other boys and parents in Troop 11. Andrew not only enjoy it but love it!

This last weekend Andrew road to Eagle Scout led him to his Eagle Project. Which is a project the boy leads from beginning to end that helps the community in some way.

He decided to plan and complete a complete outside renovation of our church Unity of Yucaipa.

Watching him plan this entire thing for over 8 months, then executing his plan to lead 41 volunteers and log just over 271 hours. I was truly amazed and most importantly.

I was a “proud father”!

To my son Andrew, you are amazing individual and truly growing up to be amazing young man. I am proud of you!

I created a music video for Andrew Eagle Project I post later today or tomorrow.


Andrew Samaniego Completes his Boy Scout Eagle Project at Unity of Yucaipa




Working with Birthday Bags 4 Kids

Enjoying a warm aftenoon and speaking with the founder of BirthdayBags4Kids, Julie Farquhar. We are discussing ways to use social media marketing to help her great organization.

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego

Redlands Scouting For Food a Huge Success

Troop 11 Redlands Dropping off Fodd
Troop 11 Redlands Dropping off Food

At 8:30 am sharp, Andrew and I heading to Holy Name of Jesus, Church in Redlands to help sift and sort through 1000’s of donated food from throughout the Inland Empire, his Redlands Troop 11 help take the food that was donated, divide up the food and weigh the food, then get it off to local charities to help out hundres of families in the area.

During the 2008 Scouting for Food drive, Scouts collected 2.2 million cans of food .

Scouting for Food is the BSA’s largest one-day food drive, raising 15 percent of area food pantries’ yearly supply and feeding the hungry in the community for three months.

It felt great doing something that is needed by millions of families right now, going through tough times!

Andrew and I, really understood the importance of what we where doing, even if he had to get up early Saturday morning.

Great , Job Scouts!

Andrew Samaniego- Helping with Scouting for Food
Andrew Samaniego- Helping with Scouting for Food

Carlos Samaniego, Troop 11
Committee Member

P.S. After spending day helping out with Scouting for Food, Andrew went and spent 3 hours, at the San Bernardino County Museum and earn his Astronomy Merit Badge. Congrats Son!