Andrew Samaniego Appointed To Yucaipa Youth Commission

Last week, my son Andrew Samaniego received a phone from the City of Yucaipa.

"We would like you to come to our City Council meeting on Monday and please wear your "Eagle Scout" Uniform." said the City Staff Member.

Although we where curious why the City wanted him to wear a boy scout uniform, as a scouting parent you are kinda used to having to attend many different functions where your son needs to wear a uniform.

Well, last night came around and we noticed a few other high school students at the City Council meeting.

A few minutes later, Mayor Hoyt of Yucaipa had announced the next item on the agenda was the appointment of the new Yucaipa Youth Commission members for the next  12 months for the City of Yucaipa.

Andrew was one of the students that had been appointed on the Yucaipa Youth Commission, to deal with and discuss youth issues with the City Council.

Is this the beginning of a bigger vision of his in serving in public office? 


I know his primary goal right now is to be accepted into the United States Naval Academy and becoming an officer in either the Navy or Marines. 

They world is oyster to accomplish whatever he decides to do. 

I am extremely proud of this young man and his motivation to accomplish his goals.



Training Hike to Mazanita Peak

This morning we had a chance to go on 8 mile training hike to Mazanita Peak up in the San Bernardino National Forest. We are only two weeks away from our 25+ mile hike to Yosemite and attempt to climb Half Dome.

Elizabeth, Andrew, and our hiking coach Dave Kehrlein started at 7:30 am. It was great hike, it was about 20 degrees cooler, since we last did this hike. It was the first time Andrew and Elizabeth have done this specific hike.

I was surprised Andrew decided to come on this trip. He just got back from Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School at March Air Force Base. He spent 7 days there and is leaving for Devil Pups for two weeks tomorrow. I figured he wants to come home and get a little rest. But he said he wanted to get in a training hike before Yosemite.

This trip is coming together , and I am looking forward the trip. My calves and Achilles still are very tight for the first hour of when we start hiking. But once we get going and warmed up, I feel great.

Well we got few more training hikes to go and final prep for this trip. I keep you posted.

Talk with you soon,



8.5 Mile Hike To Mazanita Peak

Today I had a chance to complete the longest one day hike I have ever personally ever accomplished we went to Mazanita Peak in the San Bernardino County wilderness area. 

It was truly beautiful hike up the mountain, although it was a challenge since I am a novice hiker. I went with a few members of the Redlands Troop 11 Boy Scouts. We are training for a hike to Yosemite this summer. We are going on another hike this weekend for Fathers Day to a place called Fish Creek.

It should be as challenging as Mazanita Peak, but it is practise run with full backpacks.

Richest Blessings,
Carlos Samaniego

Training Hike with the Family

Last Saturday, we went on a training hike with our Boy Scout Troop 11 family. We decided to climb to the peak of the Crafton Hills Mountain, which is located directly behind our home. We are considering taking our daughter with us to a Yosemite Hiking trip in July and figure this would be a good training hike for all us.

I was initially worried until she kept asking me, "Are you OK, Daddy?" We need to keep with the troop. Ultimately she did amazing and it was us trying to keep with our 6 year old. It was beautiful foggy morning to start and then the sun came out a few hours later.

A wonderful way to spend the morning with your family.



My Son is Eagle Eagle Scout

Andrew Samaniego's Eagle Court of Honor

“The culmination of Andrew Scouting Journey to Eagle Scout was celebrated at @[166268742638:274:Unity of Yucaipa]. Family, Friends, and Scouting family enjoying this patriotic celebration. Special Guest Mayor Denise Hoyt, Redlands City Councilman Paul Foster. We had over 70+ guest.”

From Andrews Eagle Court Honor Ceremony, posted by Carlos Samaniego on 1/21/2013 (40 items)

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