My Son is Eagle Eagle Scout

Andrew Samaniego's Eagle Court of Honor

“The culmination of Andrew Scouting Journey to Eagle Scout was celebrated at @[166268742638:274:Unity of Yucaipa]. Family, Friends, and Scouting family enjoying this patriotic celebration. Special Guest Mayor Denise Hoyt, Redlands City Councilman Paul Foster. We had over 70+ guest.”

From Andrews Eagle Court Honor Ceremony, posted by Carlos Samaniego on 1/21/2013 (40 items)

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As a father we all love to brag about our kids and today, I wanted to brag about my son’s recent new website launch. He started the project a couple years ago, but finally it has come together. He said he still got quite about to add to it, but wanted to share it with you all today.

He has huge goal to get into one of the Military Academies (Annapolis, West Point, Air Force Academy). I know with his drive and determination anything is possible.

Andrew was recently elected as Senior Patrol Leader for Redlands Boy Scout Troop 11. This is one of the oldest troops in town, I believe almost 60 years old. For the next year he will be running the troop of over 60 boys.

We will also be having his Eagle Court of Honor on the 20th of January at Unity Church of Yucaipa. This will be a very special day for him and his entire family if you live in area we love to invite you to join us at 2:30pm at Unity of Yucaipa in City of Yucaipa.

If you get chance go over and visit his site:, he love to have some comments on his website.

Andrew Samaniego Website

Andrew Samaniego Becomes Eagle Scout

Andrew Samaniego with Boy Scout Troop 11 in Redlands helping with Lincoln Pilgrimage February 2009
Andrew Samaniego with Boy Scout Troop 11 in Redlands helping with Lincoln Pilgrimage February 2009
Andrew Samaniego with Boy Scout Troop 11 in Redlands helping with Lincoln Pilgrimage February 2009

Today is very special day. Last night, I watched a young confident and
intelligent young man my Son, Andrew, go to Eagle Board of Review.

The Eagle Board of Review is the 2nd most important part of becoming an Eagle Scout, the most important being there Eagle Service Project.

During this board of review, the Life Scout must explain to adults, including those representing the local Council, how he became a scout, what he has done while a scout, how Scouting has helped him in areas outside of Scouting, and how he sought, planned, carried out, and reviewed his service project.

It is an indicator of the scout’s communication, leadership, and self confidence skills.

The scout must do this himself; neither his parents nor his Scoutmaster is allowed to be present during the actual board of review.

So as we drove to the conference, I asked him , “…are you nervous?”

“No, I’m pretty confident.” Andrew said

I was pretty impressed, because I think I was more nervous than he was taking him there.

But considering he has done over 7 board reviews, 7 scoutmaster reviews and 4-5 skills reviews over the last 3 1/2 years, I can understand why he was pretty confident.

I waited patiently for over hour as Committee Chair Eamonn McGloin, Advancement Chair Mr. Wilson, Assistant Scoutmaster Terry Welsh and lastly District Chair Jack Moser, reviewed my son file, his project and then question him about his experience with scouting, around 6:40pm, I see them leaving the building.

I watched my son with a big grin on his face walked towards me and he said “I am a Eagle Scout.”

I gave him a huge hug and whisper in his ear, “I am proud of you, you did it!”

After 3 years and 9 months of hard work, goal setting, hundreds of hours of service projects, over 26 merit badges, over 60+ camping and hiking trips this young boy who admits not wanting to join boy scouts when he went to first meeting. He has achieved the highest award in boy scouts!

Congratulations, Andrew I am truly proud of you!

To all the scouts, parents, parent volunteers, Scoutmasters, and Assistant Scoutmasters with Troop 11 in Redlands who donate hundreds of hours of their time and a special thank you to David Kehrlein and David Leysena, who where Andrews Scout Fathers and mentor who guided him and taught all these years.

As I reflected back to when you first started scouting, I was amazed by how much you have grown, so I had to share two pictures when Andrew first joined scouting. He is going to kill me!


Andrew Samaniego and Joseph helping out at Lincoln Pilgrimage 2009
Andrew Samaniego and Joseph helping out at Lincoln Pilgrimage 2009

Andrew Samaniego Earns a Varsity Letter in Academics!

What is that? A Varsity letter in Academics. I had never heard of such a thing!

But I believe that is good thing, actually now I know that is good thing.

The other day, Andrew tells me at dinner, ” Dad, I was called by my ROTC Teacher and he gave me a letter from the office and I thought I was trouble.”

He said as he read that letter that he was to report on Tuesday to auditorium to receive  his letter for Academics and that we where invited to come see him get his letter.

I guess since he kept a grade point average above 3.5 GPA for the last 2 semesters (his 10th grade year) that he is awarded an academic letter.

Andrew Samaniego Receives his Academic Letter at Yucaipa High School

We where both surprised and more than happy for Andrew.

I know he has worked hard for those grades last year and even working harder this year on his grades.

One of his dreams is to attend United States Military Academy at West Point or the United States Navel Academy  and this will go far in route to that dream!

As I was speaking to my wife last night during dinner.

Andrew is sitting a very large bar for his younger sister, Bella.

I am proud of both them!

Keep up the great work Andrew!




Over 14,000 lbs of Food Collected

Earlier today our entire family for our 4th year joined the Scouting for Food event here in Redlands. It is one of my favorite  volunteer event’s we do every year.

Scouts from all over the the local area collect food at grocery stores and people donate food to our cause.

Then all of us where at the Holy Name of Jesus church where parents brouht the food, so we can divide the food into its category and this divide the food to two different organizations.

Redlands Family Services and the Local Salvation Army. This year they each got $7,000 lbs of food for the pantry.

“Amy Wynn, of the Local Salvation Army, told us their stockpile had been bear for many months and this has help them out and the local families dramatically.”

I knew this year would be amazing because by 9am we had food flowing into our collection center, of course, Bella always has good time volunteering.