Training Hike to Mazanita Peak

This morning we had a chance to go on 8 mile training hike to Mazanita Peak up in the San Bernardino National Forest. We are only two weeks away from our 25+ mile hike to Yosemite and attempt to climb Half Dome.

Elizabeth, Andrew, and our hiking coach Dave Kehrlein started at 7:30 am. It was great hike, it was about 20 degrees cooler, since we last did this hike. It was the first time Andrew and Elizabeth have done this specific hike.

I was surprised Andrew decided to come on this trip. He just got back from Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School at March Air Force Base. He spent 7 days there and is leaving for Devil Pups for two weeks tomorrow. I figured he wants to come home and get a little rest. But he said he wanted to get in a training hike before Yosemite.

This trip is coming together , and I am looking forward the trip. My calves and Achilles still are very tight for the first hour of when we start hiking. But once we get going and warmed up, I feel great.

Well we got few more training hikes to go and final prep for this trip. I keep you posted.

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Summer Rush

It's been a busy few weeks with the end of school and beginning of summerall you parents probably totally understand where I am coming from in regards to time.

A couple weeks ago just before the end of the school. One of the big accomplishment we are proud of Andrew for was his final push to get straight A's for his Spring semester of his Junior yearHe wanted a 4.0.


Originally he didn't think it would happenand he did itHe pulled out the last week of school.

We then watched our daughter Bella graduate from Kindergarten and now is a 1st grader. It was the cutest thing watching them get their "magic hugs" from their school teacher that turned them into a 1st grader.

With the end schoolwe got Andrew off to the first of his many trips this summer. His first stop was The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar programHe left for Annapolis, Maryland on June 14 and spent 7 days experiencing life as a Midshipman. The goal of the program is for them to experience life as midshipman and to see if that would be a place they would like to attend school and become a Naval Officer after graduation.

We didn't get to communicate while they where at the Academy, but where able to see photos on Facebook. We got to see a couple of pictures of Andrew and they put up this great action shot of him running in formation:


Andrew Samaniego running in formation at the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar
Andrew Samaniego running in formation at the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar

Andrew loved the Naval Academy and said that is where he wants to go to collegehe knows it will be touch, but he is ready for the challenge.

Andrew got home on June 20th from Annapolis and then 8 hours later we got him to American Legion post in Redlands to take his 8 hour bus drive with 60+ other boys selected to American Legion Boy State Program. He will be there until the end of June.

Here are a few pictures we got before boarding the on the bus to Sacramento

Now it's time to let Andrew handle business

Now we will be spending some time helping Bella reach her goal of becoming an Author/Illustrator.

Oh yeah, you haven't heard she has been working on her first book for the over yearIt should happen later this year watch for details at I have a post on how Bella did on her test hikeWe did this hike to determine if she will be joining us on our 25+ mile in Yosemite National Park later this summerIt was truly amazing what she accomplished.

If you like to see what Andrew is upvisit him at

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Andrew Samaniego Nominated to American Legion’s “Boy’s State” Program

I just heard I was nominated by my school for the American Legion Boy's State program. Being nominated is a huge honor. The nominated Students from Yucaipa High School will be interview by American Legion Post 426 in Yucaipa, and they will select one of us to attend this prestigious program. Here are just a few famous alumni of the Boys and Girls State programs include Neil ArmstrongTom BrokawJames Campbell[disambiguation needed]Bill ClintonMike HuckabeeLawrence DiCaraMichelle D. JohnsonRussell Jones[disambiguation needed]Michael JordanRush LimbaughGeorge PatakiJane PauleyNancy ReddHarry ReidNick Saban,Eric GreitensScott BakulaDick CheneyMichael DukakisRoger EbertJon Bon JoviTrent Lott. If your asking, what is Boy's State, here is the official explanation: American Legion Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls State are the premier programs for teaching how government works while developing leadership skills & an appreciation for your rights as a citizen. As a participant in the program you, will run for office, learn public speaking, create and enforce laws and actively participate in all phases of creating and running a working government in this exciting and fun summer program.   Here is world famous newscaster, Tom Brokaw, talking about Boy's State.