Carlos Samaniego on the Radio being interviewed about Loan Modifications

Yesterday, I had to the pleasure of being on the "The Ron Carruther’s Radio Show" on KCEO 1000 in San Kceologo
Diego, California. We talked about the massive foreclosure crisis and how we can save homoweners by doing loan modifications legally, ethically, correctly.

It was a pleasure talking with Ron and Ed about how homeowners can do something now without having to wait for something bad to happen.

Ron and Ed where in great mood because they where heading for the Charger/Jett game right after the radio interview.

I will be posting the replay of the radio interview the minute I get it,

Don’t forget if you are interested getting more information about the loan modifications or how to save your home, call

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Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego, CMPSDsc07558

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