Can’t Afford Your Mortgage? Modify Your Loan?

Most American’s want their homes; they just need an adjustment in their mortgage allowing them to keep their homes and help getting back on their feet.

BushThey need an adjustment that is in line with their current finances.

Recently the federal government annoucemnt by President Bush regarding the freezing of interest rates and  payment reduction for homeowners in distress added much confusion and many Americans simply do not know how to take advantage of the program.

Many are getting behind on their mortgage payments and even facing the possible loss of their home. We have helped thousands of borrowers in this situation!

If you are struggling, or know somone who is struggling and want’s to keep their home, or has a loan that they know they will not be able to afford please have them go to to get more details.

I recently partnered up with American Mortgage Modification to help these homeowners we are having a 96% success rate!

Don’t wait, time is not on your side and the clock is ticking!

If you like to talk immediately, please call our offices at          (909)512-6418      

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego, CMPS
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
American Mortgage Modifications

P.S. If you are a real estate agent or a loan officers and need to help your clients please feel free to call our offices, I be happy to help you help your clients.

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