What does King Kong, American Idol, The Grammy’s!

What does King Kong, American Idol, and the The Grammy’s all have in common?

Well, at 8:30pm this evening my wife and I are sitting in front of TV trying to watch the Grammy’s and American Idol, it’s great having TIVO!

It’s funny, because I had never watched Amerian Idol until last year and really do enjoy it.

OK, back to King Kong!

Well in my last blog I had asked why in Kong behind us. Well while on our honeymoon back in December we happen to walk to Time Square and came across the "King Kong premier", where we got to see all the star’s including Jack Black! It was a first for us! But it was a very cold first, we waited over 2 hours for the Press Conference to start and it was about 20 degrees outside!

I have included a few pictures of our honeymoon in New York, The Eastern Caribbean, and the Queen Mary 2. I hope you enjoy them

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego

Super Bowl Sunday, King Kong, & Super Credit Tips!

Lizcarloskong_1It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Just finished the 1st Quarter, it’s been boring game so far, score is Steelers 0,  Seattle 3. I am going for the underdogs, Seattle.!

The FEDEX commercial has been the best so far!

I wanted to let you know I will be sharing with you "Insider Credit Secrets" on how you can dramatically improve your credit scores!

Below is tip #1

Credit Tip #1: Become an Authorized User

      If you have a friend or family with great credit, become an authorized user on their credit cards. The credit scoring formula looks at your credit as a snapshot in time, it has no memory. The credit scoring software does not know you did not have the card yesterday. If you become an authorized user on your parents American Express they have had since 1958, with no late payments and a low balance, your score will calculate like you have had an American Express for fifty years, with no late payments and a low balance. With this technique you can achieve a credit history, and the score that goes with it, which is older than you are. 

Your Credit Guy!

Carlos Samaniego

P.S. Can you guess why "King Kong" is behind us! In the pictur above!

How To Attract Prosperity

I read this below today, I loved what it say’s, I thought you may like it too!!

How to Attract Prosperity –

(Classic book written in 1922 by Orisen Swett Marden)

Everything in man’s life, everything in God’s universe, is based upon principle-follows a divine law; and the law of prosperity and abundance is just as definite as the law of gravitation, just as unerring as the principles of mathematics. It is a mental law. Only by thinking abundance can you realize the abundant, prosperous life that is your birthright; in other words, according to your thought will be your life, your supply, or your lack. Your mental attitude will be flung back to you, every time, in kind. A poverty-stricken mental attitude will bring only poverty-stricken conditions to you.

We are the creatures of our convictions. We cannot get beyond what we believe we are; what we believe we have. Hence, if we think that we are never going to be strong or well like other people, or to be successful in our calling, we never will be.

If we are convinced that we will always be poor, we will be.

You can’t get away from poverty when you don’t expect to; when you don’t believe that you are going to.

Many of the people who are living in poverty today never really expect anything else. Their fixed belief that they can never become prosperous keeps them in poverty; that is, it keeps their minds negative, and the mind cannot create, cannot produce, in this condition. It is only the positive mind that can create prosperity; the negative mind is non-creative, non-productive; it can only tear down, inhibit, prevent the inflow of good things that we long for.

It is not so much what you do with your hands as what you do with your mind that counts. Everything that has been accomplished by the hand or brain of man had its birth in the mind. The universe itself is the creation of Divine Mind. A hard-working man who longs for prosperity, but is headed in the other direction mentally, who doesn’t believe he is going to be prosperous, is neutralizing his hard work by his negative, destructive thought.

Your friend, Carlos www.carlossamaniego.com

Who Is Giving You Advice?

Who do you take advice from on a day-to-day basis? Everyday I speak with people who seem to be taking advice, directions, tips from other people who are broke, out of shape,  in terrible relationships.

I have learned that to be the best in certain areas in your life you have to have a coach and/or mentor. Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods,  they all have coaches and they are the best in the world.

I remember, many years ago a mentor of mine and now a very good friend told me before you ask for advice about any subject make sure that the person you are asking has accomplished what you want.

He also told me that your income will be the average of the five people you hang out with the most.  At that time in my life, my income was extremly low.  What wasn’t funny he didn’t know that two of people I spent alot of time were unemployed.Dsc00258_3

He was my very 1st mentor I ever had, he is now my good friend and mentor, Art Jonak (www.mlmplayer.com). Art and is beautiful wife, Ann both where here for my wedding.

Art probably has had the biggest influence in my personal and professional life. We have been friends for almost 12 years now! Thank you Art for everything.

Some of my coaches are Art Jonak (www.mlmplayers.com ), Scott Tucker ( www.mortgagemarketinggenius.com ) , Dan Kennedy (www.dankennedy.com ) , Brian Sacks ( www.loanofficersuccess.com ), Cory Rudl (www.marketingtips.com ), Joe Vitale (www.mrfire.com),  Micheal Mack (www.TheCreditMan.com), Jim Rohn (www.JimRohn.com)

See picture in my photo album

Right now I am searching for a new coach to help me in my desire to get in better shape (this has been a goal for some many years)!

Who are you taking advice from?

Your friend,

I Am Guilty!

I got another phone call this morning and it’s true.  I am guilty!

A mortgage banker asked me if I was the same guy that spoke in Dallas, Texas to over 450+ bankers, brokers, mortgage officers, loan officers, and finanical professionals back in December.

He said didn’t you just get married that weekend. It was actually the weekend before that event that I had gotten married.  Yes I am completely "guilty" of leaving my new bride 2 days after the wedding to speak at the Brian Sacks (www.loanofficersuccess.com), "Insider Seminar" for loan & financial professionals.

Brian Sacks is a friend and coach to me and he asked me almost a year before my wedding, If I would be willing to share my insider secrets that I had learned how to help homeowners in trouble save their home from foreclosures and deal with other credit challenges they may have.

Dallas_event It was an honor to speak to all these professionals and to teach them how to save homeowners from foreclosure, bankruptcies, and dealing with other credit issues they may have had.

My wife was very understanding about me leaving for a few days.  We did get to enjoy an entire 3 weeks on our honeymoon. I will share pictures of our honeymoon later, and see, Why King Kong joined us in New York!