Training Hike to Mazanita Peak

This morning we had a chance to go on 8 mile training hike to Mazanita Peak up in the San Bernardino National Forest. We are only two weeks away from our 25+ mile hike to Yosemite and attempt to climb Half Dome.

Elizabeth, Andrew, and our hiking coach Dave Kehrlein started at 7:30 am. It was great hike, it was about 20 degrees cooler, since we last did this hike. It was the first time Andrew and Elizabeth have done this specific hike.

I was surprised Andrew decided to come on this trip. He just got back from Air Force JROTC Summer Leadership School at March Air Force Base. He spent 7 days there and is leaving for Devil Pups for two weeks tomorrow. I figured he wants to come home and get a little rest. But he said he wanted to get in a training hike before Yosemite.

This trip is coming together , and I am looking forward the trip. My calves and Achilles still are very tight for the first hour of when we start hiking. But once we get going and warmed up, I feel great.

Well we got few more training hikes to go and final prep for this trip. I keep you posted.

Talk with you soon,



Dare To Prosper

I just started re-reading an classic prosperity book, by Unity Minister, "Dare To Prosper." I read this book many years ago, but since our minister at Unity of Yucaipa is planning on a two week book study on this small but powerful book. I took it off my bookcase and started reading it.

Page 1 of this book, Catherine says:

The mind can be trained to think prosperously in simple, delightful ways, and the results of prosperous thinking are also delightful, practical, and satisfying.

Over the next few couple weeks I will share my insights on the 4-Steps to Prosperity she talks about in the book.

Looking forward to sharing this amazing book with you,

Prayer Chaplain,
Carlos Samaniego

Dogs Welcoming Home Their Military Owners

The 4th of July is tomorrow and wanted to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July. I wanted to share a beautiful video that will bring tear to your eyes, especially if you are a dog lover. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your friends and family.

“Daddy, I hate school and I am never getting a job!”

Below is True story from my friend Joe, who lives out in San Antonio."


True story.. I could not believe my 14 year old daughter said this to me!

"Dad" she said, " I hate school" and " I am never getting a job!"

Wow.. not something that any father enjoys hearing, but I must admit
I was not surprised either.. 🙁

So I said in a sarcastic way… "So Liv, tell me exactly why you HATE school?"
I had a good little snicker on my face but what she said totally threw me off my feet!

"Dad.. today was the last day of school and one of my teachers approached
me and said that school was so very important because it was the stepping stone
for preparing me to have a great job in the workforce!"

So I said to my daughter "Yes she is right, it is important." But what she said to me
next was extremely shocking and profound!

"If school is preparing me for a job, then I hate school, Dad, I don't want a job
I want to be exactly like you and mom! Every time I ask my friends to do something
they can't because their mom or dad are busy at work."

She went on to say…

" I love the freedom you and mom have, I love all the things you do for me, you are
at my track meets, you drop me off at school, you pick me up, you and mom are
ALWAYS there for me!"

My jaw dropped and I thought to myself "WOW" I had no clue that my daughter
recognized all this, I thought she took it for granted like any teenager does..

Finally.. she said "Dad, I don't want a job, I want a business!"

"Just like you and mom, I want to have the freedom to do what I want to do when
I want to do it"

Can you imagine.. a 14 year old seeing the vision of freedom?

Isn't it time you do what you want to do when you want to do it?

Isn't it time you start to make 100% commissions with a product suite
that every internet and network marketer needs?

If you want your own internet business or home-based business, now is the time!

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–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Daddy, What is a job?

"Daddy, what is a job?" Bella asked.

I almost found it funny when she asked me the question.

I asked her , "Why do you ask?"

She said that her friends in Kindergarten parent have to leave them on playground because they had to rush to their job's and we always stayed with her until the bell rings.

She asked, "Do you and mommy had jobs?" 

I said, "we do have jobs, but we work for ourselves, we where entrepreneurs."

I said, "Do you know when you help your mom with making the newsletters?That is part of her entrepreneur job creating newsletters for business."

She said, "I want to work for myself."

I told Bella, "Did you know that you are entrepreneurs. You have had a rock business, a lemonade business, a jewelry business."

I asked her, "so what do you want to do as an entrepreneur when you get bigger."

She said. "I am going to write books."

"I want to be an author/illustrator."

"Is that an entrepreneur too?"

"Yes Bella, that is an entrepreneur and I think you will make a great entrepreneur!"

So I told Bella, we will be updating her website, to show Bella and Author/Illustrator. 

Oh yeah, did you know her first book is almost done 😉

Keep a look out for that book.

Tomorrow I will share a true story about my friend Joe story with his daughter.

Your friend,