Baby Bella’s 2 months old!

Bella2monthsHow time fly’s our little princes turned 8 weeks old yesterday.  She is almost twice the size when she  was born she wieghs 15lbs and almost twice as long. All my friends with children keep telling me just enjoy this time with them because they grow so fast!!

She is standing up with our help of course, and loves to try to move around as much as possible.

She follows us as we around the house, and constantly gigling and of course is beautiful just like her mother.

Bella2monthbirthdaydadLiz is doing great, enjoying motherhood, although I know she would love to sleep an entire night. I have never seen such a great mother, other than my own 😉

Tomorow Liz, Bella, and I are going to San Diego to get away from the heat of Redlands (106 degrees today). We are going to enjoy some cool beach weather and watch fireworks on the beach!

Until next time

Your Debt Coach,

Carlos Samaniego
Redlands, CA