You are at their Mercy! Don’t ever forget it!

I read this article at my favorite celebrity financial planner Dave Ramsey Website!! Bank of America messing with people, but remember it’s the whole credit card industry!!

Earlier this year, Bank of America told many of its cardholders that their interest rates were going up. Not Bofa just a percentage point, either

Weekend at the Beach

What an unbelievable weekend in Southern California! This weekend the family and I had been planning on Dsc06378 going up to the Mountains in Big Bear in the snow, to spend some time at our friend, Ron Carruthers ( cabin.

Ron, call’s us on Friday and say’s, " Dude, you need to get you and family down here to San Diego spend weekend at my beach house, that is was absolutely gorgeous in San Diego"

So we head down to San Diego and it was an absolutely beautiful weekend.

It was in the high 80’s, cool ocean breeze. When you open the bedroom patio door you cold see the ocean and here the waves crashing!

Dsc06323 It was truly amazing.

We spent two days at cardiff by the sea!

Although it was warm the water was quite cold, but Andrew still manage to go boogie boarding for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

Liz and Bella, just stayed on the beach sun tanning and playing in the sand.Dsc06371_2

Me and Andrew played game of Monopoly which of course he "Bankrupted" me within hour! Ouch!

We also met up with Ron and his daughter Lexie, on Sunday morning for our Starbucks "run".

It was great getting away for couple days with family.

Ron, thanks again for letting us stay at that gorgeous place.

Your friend,

Carlos Samaniego

Full House for Credit Workshop

Last night I did another Credit Workshop for the City of Fontana. It was great success. These are small Dsc06304_3workshops of 10-30 people I do for the City every couple of months.

We had over 25 attendees, everyone eager to learn how to increase there credit scores. We had a few people looking to improve there credit score because they thought it was a great time to buy home.

I would agree!

About 6 people had a loan they needed to refinance and they understood the importance of having not a good credit score but a great credit score.

What was also unique and I am glad to see. There where two college students wanting to learn how to take control of there credit score. One of the students had there credit report and wanted me to take a look at it.

She didn’t have a score with experian. So I shared with her a couple of strategies to start building a credit report.

One man, call me day after the credit workshop and wanted me to take a look at his credit report.

He shared with me he had a 800+ credit score about month ago, however, when he got his scores recently his score dropped to 699, over a 100 point drop.

After discussing on phone, I found out what it was. It was 1 thing! He is coming to office this week so I can help fix the problem.

If you like to attend our next workshop just email me at and I will notify you of our next workshop.

Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego, CMPS

Your Credit Score Just Became More Important Than Ever!

Dear Friends, It looks like lenders are going to make it even tougher to get a mortgage loan. Your credit score has just become a that more important.

Even if you have good credit, if your score is not at least 720 FICO score you will be penalized by FNMA and even government loans like FHA are charging you higher rates.
If you like to get a free "Credit Review"
Call our offices at (909)307-0977
Your friend,
Carlos Samaniego
April 2, 2008

Fannie Mae Tightens Loan Standard to Protect Itself By REUTERS

Fannie Mae, the mortgage buyer, has told lenders that it will require a minimum credit score for the loans it buys, tightening mortgage standards to protect itself from record foreclosures sweeping the country.

Lawmakers have been pressuring the largest company, along with its rival Freddie Mac, to more aggressively buy home loans in a bid to lower mortgage rates and prop up housing.

However, the two government-chartered companies are battling their own problems as home loans sour. In response to soaring mortgage defaults, they are increasing fees, restricting the loans they purchase and trying to preserve and raise capital.

The latest steps are part of amended underwriting practices for loans Fannie Mae buys, aimed at adjusting prices to reflect heightened housing market risk and protecting the company