Foreclosure will be increasing! Period!

A couple of weeks ago, while speaking at one my workshops. I said that in my opinion I believe foreclosures/short sales will be increasing dramatically in next couple years!

He actually shouted out, “I’m Crazy!” I was kinda taken by surprised, but then I explained my reasoning. When I was done he believed me…

Well I just found video by Glenn Beck I believe, he say’s exactly what I been saying for last year!


Carlos Samaniego

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Fight in Congress Looms on Tax Break for Home Buyers

Call your congressman today and let's help push this program to be extended to next summer! This is helping our economy, getting new homeowners into house saving people from foreclosure, and providing a living for entire industry.

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Carlos Samaniego, CMPS

Fight in Congress Looms on Tax Break for Home Buyers


Many mortgage modifications push payments …. higher

Looks like those most loan modifications are not really loan modifications and causing payments to be higher  for clients. This great article by USA today explains!

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Carlos Samaniego,CMPS

By Stephanie Armour, USA TODAYLoanmodificationsx

Tens of thousands of financially strapped
homeowners who have asked lenders to lower their mortgage payments are
instead winding up with higher monthly payments and larger debts on
their homes.
Homeowners who were hoping for lower payments
are discovering to their dismay that lenders roll late fees, back taxes
or other costs into the principal, sometimes turning a difficult
payment into an impossible one. That is one reason that many reworked
mortgages are sliding back into default.Read Rest of Story Here