Baptism of Andrew Samaniego

This past sunday, I had to honor and previlege to have my son, Andrew, baptised at Unity of Yucaipa. It was a beautiful ceremony. His Godparents were our minister Rev. Suzanne Leonard and our good friend, Eamonn McGloin. They have and will continue to be achors in Andrew's life.

DSC00033 DSC00012

Goodbye King

We as a family lost a family member yesterday. His name was "King." He was German Sheppard/Roti mix and was one of the most gentle dogs you could ever meet. Every person that met King, loved King. His death was unexpected. He woke up one morning with complete paralysis and stiffness of his entire body. The Vet told us the best for him was to put his to sleep. Our family was devastated he was with us for only 9 years. King I hope you are enjoying the meadows over the "Rainbow Bridge," and someday we shall be together again.

King Samaniego  2005-2014
King Samaniego 2005-2014
King Samaniego 2005-2014

Grand Canyon

This past holiday weekend we had the opportunity to go on a family trip to the Grand Canyon with Redlands Boy Scout Troop 11. It was the very first time personally and first time for my entire family to see this amazing wonder of the world.

Word cannot describe how beautiful this place is, and I know it is one the things you need to see in your lifetime.


My son will be going to Naval Academy

My son received his "Big Fat Envelope" on Valentines day.  He will be attending the United States Naval Academy as part of class 2019 upon completion of prep program..

He received a letter from Dean of Admission that he will be part of United States Naval Academy Preparatory School for class of 2015. 

As a parent I cannot be any prouder for his accomplishment for the hard work he did the last 4 years trying to achieve this goal.