As a father we all love to brag about our kids and today, I wanted to brag about my son’s recent new website launch. He started the project a couple years ago, but finally it has come together. He said he still got quite about to add to it, but wanted to share it with you all today.

He has huge goal to get into one of the Military Academies (Annapolis, West Point, Air Force Academy). I know with his drive and determination anything is possible.

Andrew was recently elected as Senior Patrol Leader for Redlands Boy Scout Troop 11. This is one of the oldest troops in town, I believe almost 60 years old. For the next year he will be running the troop of over 60 boys.

We will also be having his Eagle Court of Honor on the 20th of January at Unity Church of Yucaipa. This will be a very special day for him and his entire family if you live in area we love to invite you to join us at 2:30pm at Unity of Yucaipa in City of Yucaipa.

If you get chance go over and visit his site:, he love to have some comments on his website.

Andrew Samaniego Website

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