“A Proud Father!”

All week, I been working on this post trying to figure out how to put into words how proud I have felt about my son’s accomplishment this last weekend.

As many of you know, my son Andrew, has been involved in the boy scouts since February 11, 2009.

When my good friend, Eamonn McGloin, told me I should consider putting Andrew in Scouts I was interested, but not sure he would want to join.

We did join eventually and because of the welcoming nature of the other boys and parents in Troop 11. Andrew not only enjoy it but love it!

This last weekend Andrew road to Eagle Scout led him to his Eagle Project. Which is a project the boy leads from beginning to end that helps the community in some way.

He decided to plan and complete a complete outside renovation of our church Unity of Yucaipa.

Watching him plan this entire thing for over 8 months, then executing his plan to lead 41 volunteers and log just over 271 hours. I was truly amazed and most importantly.

I was a “proud father”!

To my son Andrew, you are amazing individual and truly growing up to be amazing young man. I am proud of you!

I created a music video for Andrew Eagle Project I post later today or tomorrow.


Andrew Samaniego Completes his Boy Scout Eagle Project at Unity of Yucaipa




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